About Our Store

Following 10 years of success in Jeddah and after establishing a name within the GCC, Lilis Boutique has now branched out to the UAE market. Launching their first store outside of Saudi Arabia Lilis Boutique opens its doors in City Walk Dubai. Holding a wide and unique range of kaftans and colorful boho chic dresses that are exclusive to the Middle East. Working hand in hand with international designers to create exclusive designs that are made for woman with all tastes.


Modern design mixed with outstanding textiles and intricate embroideries has become the specialty of Lilis Boutique with over 15 years of experience. Creating seasonal trends the boutique offers daring styles such as Asian Floral, Moroccan Vintage Tiles, Native Aztec, Jungle and African prints. Sourced from all over the world Lilis Boutique offers kaftan that can take the wearer anywhere anytime.


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